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This curriculum has everything you need to start a group study in your church, your ministry, your program, or your home! Access is for 1 year from purchase date, and optional renewal for another year is $17.

Purpose of This Curriculum

Disciples Become Disciple-Makers

This curriculum is designed to be a disciple-making tool. In the past, some ministries have offered it a few or more times per year. The benefit? Disciples become disciple-makers

For example, a person may join your group for the first time as a listener and “disciple,” and then the following year, this disciple has now become a leader and “disciple-maker” to others. In doing so, leaders are multiplied within the church family who can love one another well with biblical truth. 

Our heart at The Addiction Connection is to see disciples become disciple-makers—and this course is one way to facilitate this process.

Biblical Curriculum Overview

  • 1

    Leader's Guide

  • 2

    A New Beginning

    • Student Handout for Lesson 1

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 1

  • 3

    Answering an Addict

    • Student Handout for Lesson 2

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 2

  • 4

    Prayer and Forgiveness

    • Student Handout for Lesson 3

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 3

  • 5

    A Divine Intervention

    • Student Handout for Lesson 4

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 4

  • 6

    Lost and Found

    • Student Handout for Lesson 5

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 5

  • 7

    Understanding Temptation

    • Student Handout for Lesson 6

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 6

  • 8

    God-Given Responsibilities

    • Student Handout for Lesson 7

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 7

  • 9

    Investing in a Willing Soul

    • Student Handout for Lesson 8

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 8

  • 10

    Speaking the Truth in Love

    • Student Handout for Lesson 9

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 9

  • 11

    Loving Relationships

    • Student Handouts for Lesson 10

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 10

  • 12

    Your Heart Transformation

    • Student Handout for Lesson 11

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 11

  • 13

    Making Disciple-Makers

    • Student Handout for Lesson 12

    • PowerPoint to Accompany Lecture

    • Video Lesson 12

  • 14


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  • 15

    Renewal Instructions

    • How to Renew for $17

How Do I Structure the Group Meeting?

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Begin with worship, an activity, a meal, or “ice-breaker.”
  2. Gather for the video lecture. Play it from a laptop or display onto a TV.
  3. Break out into small groups for discussion of the lesson. Have a leader in each group.
  4. Prayer and fellowship.

Ideas for Leaders

As the leader, you may decide to play the videos for your audience on a screen, OR, you may decide that you would rather communicate the message to your listeners yourself. If you decide to teach, we would recommend that you watch the video lessons and preview all resources beforehand, and then utilize the PowerPoint presentations to accompany the teaching time.


At the end of every lesson, we would highly recommend breaking off into smaller groups for discussion questions. The goal is to foster intimate discussion of the biblical truths that were presented in each lesson. Special project assignments are given after each lesson to facilitate better in-depth discussions.


Participants will need to purchase two supplemental resources by Dr. Mark E. Shaw for this study, which are available from Focus Publishing for a bulk discount (1-800-91-FOCUS): Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts (medium-sized book) & Understanding Temptation: The War Within Your Heart (small booklet)

Recommended Materials for Participants

Books by Mark Shaw

Divine Intervention
Understanding Temptation

Meet the Instructor

DMin, Biblical Counseling, ACBC since 2002, CADAC II

Dr. Mark E. Shaw

Mark is a certified biblical counselor and Founder of The Addiction Connection. As an author, speaker, teacher of the Word, and certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor, Mark has been involved in helping people who struggle with addictions since 1991. He serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY. He and his wife, Mary, have 4 young adult children.

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