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Oliver Underwood

Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor (CABC) with TAC

"I first heard about The Addiction Connection when I received an invite to attend their conference (Leadership Summit) in 2016. At the time, I was leading as the Executive Director for a biblical residential ministry in WA. I was experiencing a season of weariness and even a sense of loneliness in my understanding of the sufficiency for God’s Word in everything pertaining to life and godliness. When I found out that there was a network of like-minded individuals that had a heart for the lost and a love for God and His Word, I was greatly encouraged and discovered something truly special through the Body of Christ at TAC."

Gregory Kirk

United Gospel Rescue Mission of MO; CABC

"I first heard of Mark Shaw while attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as a doctoral student in Biblical of the books we read for one class was The Heart of Addiction. As I read this book, I quickly saw I finally found someone who believes as I do. As an integrationist counselor for many years, I had long ago rejected the disease model of addictions and was attempting to mold Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Biblical precepts. Needless to say, I was failing. I cannot thank TAC enough for the support and the friendship that is offered. I worked hard and received my CABC two years ago and am also using Next Steps: Be TRANSFORMED with our men at the United Gospel Rescue Mission in Poplar Bluff MO. Thank you for your vision and desire to see the most marginalized portion of society."

Jeff Carter

Executive Director of The Jeremiah Tree residential treatment center

"Hurt in an accident, got hooked on pain pills, progressed to street drugs. In a span of about 13 years, I went from a married guy who had never broken the law in his life to a divorced, addicted criminal. In 2005, I was my home state's most wanted person. After being arrested, I made a confession of faith and had an encounter with Jesus in A pod, section 4, cell 4 and he set me free on June 2, 2005. I'm now the Executive Director of a ministry in Xenia, Ohio with 2 houses of men working on that freedom. I have a college diploma in Christian Addiction Counseling and love Jesus and the guys we minister to. We use "Cross Talking" book and the Relapse Prevention material from The Addiction Connection & Mark Shaw and it has had a great impact on us, as well as our residents."