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You might be familiar with various programs with "steps" for addiction recoveryeven "Christian-oriented" ones. 

Our program takes the Next Steps beyond the goal of recovery and sets the eternal goal of TRANSFORMATION through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and God's Word! 

With over a decade in the making, this 100% digital-access curriculum has everything you need to start ministering to addicts in a small-group setting right where you are, right now.

With short, scripture-saturated video lessons taught by Dr. Mark E. Shaw, a counselor, disciple-maker, and author of over 20 publications, including of The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective, this curriculum is the fuel that the local church needs to start a transformation revolution across the world.


To offer you a way to help the addicted move forward from a "clean and sober" lifestyle to Be TRANSFORMED. While sobriety is a good goal, God wants more for the addicted: He wants to change them into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

We all know that transformation doesn't happen alone nor automatically. This biblical curriculum depends upon Christ, His Word, the community of a local church, and God's Spirit to work in the hearts of the participants. 

By His grace, God will enable you to help the addicted take the Next Steps to Be TRANSFORMED.


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  • 1

    Unit 1: Be

  • 2

    Unit 2: Truth in Love

    • Student Handouts for Unit 2

    • Lesson 1: Speaking the Truth in Love

    • Lesson 2: The Importance of Truth

    • Lesson 3: The Importance of Grace

    • Lesson 4: Becoming Like Christ in Truth and Grace

    • Lesson 5: Transformation Within the Body of Christ

    • Lesson 6: Review of Unit 2

  • 3

    Unit 3: Repentance

    • Student Handouts for Unit 3

    • Lesson 1: Addiction Requires Repentance

    • Lesson 2: What is Repentance?

    • Lesson 3: Biblical Words for Addiction

    • Lesson 4: What Idolaters Do

    • Lesson 5: How to Repent

    • Lesson 6: Review of Unit 3

  • 4

    Unit 4: Assurance of Pardon

    • Student Handouts for Unit 4

    • Lesson 1: How Can You Be Sure You Are Forgiven?

    • Lesson 2: What is Biblical Forgiveness?

    • Lesson 3: How Does God Forgive?

    • Lesson 4: How Must You Forgive?

    • Lesson 5: Granting Forgiveness

    • Lesson 6: Review of Unit 4

  • 5

    Unit 5: Newness of Life

    • Student Handouts for Unit 5

    • Lesson 1: Conviction or Condemnation?

    • Lesson 2: Can a Christian Struggle with an "Addiction" (or Idolatry)?

    • Lesson 3: New Resources to Say No [6/21/21 UPDATE for LEADERS]

    • Lesson 4: New Resources to Say Yes

    • Lesson 5: Discipline Is Your Friend

    • Lesson 6: Review of Unit 5

  • 6

    Unit 6: Sanctification

    • Student Handouts for Unit 6

    • Lesson 1: What is Sanctification?

    • Lesson 2: How Did God Find You?

    • Lesson 3: Where is God Taking You?

    • Lesson 4: The "BE's" of Be TRANSFORMED

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 6

  • 7

    Unit 7: Fruit-Producing

    • Student Handouts for Unit 7

    • Lesson 1: What Does Godliness Look Like?

    • Lesson 2: Pride vs. Humility

    • Lesson 3: How is Your Heart Tempted to Sin?

    • Lesson 4: Having the Humble Mind of Christ

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 7

  • 8

    Unit 8: Others Focused

    • Student Handouts for Unit 8

    • Lesson 1: Heart Motives for Relationships

    • Lesson 2: Beware of Men-Pleasing

    • Lesson 3: Trading Addictions - Working Backward to Your Heart

    • Lesson 4: The Marks of a Transforming Christian: Be GIVING

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 8

  • 9

    Unit 9: Responsibility

    • Student Handouts for Unit 9

    • Lesson 1: Responsibility Leads to Obedience

    • Lesson 2: Responsibility is God-Given

    • Lesson 3: Moving from Victim to Victor

    • Lesson 4: Learn to Have the Mind of Christ (To Be Transformed!)

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 9

  • 10

    Unit 10: Maturity

    • Student Handouts for Unit 10

    • Lesson 1: Gratitude Demonstrates Maturity

    • Lesson 2: Cultivate a Heart Attitude of Gratitude

    • Lesson 3: Preventing Relapse

    • Lesson 4: A War to Win Within

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 10

  • 11

    Unit 11: Exemplifying Christ

    • Student Handouts for Unit 11

    • Lesson 1: Be Submissive

    • Lesson 2: A Realistic Picture of Christ

    • Lesson 3: A Rebellious Heart

    • Lesson 4: You Have the Mind of Christ

    • Lesson 5: Review of Unit 11

  • 12

    Unit 12: Disciple-Making

    • Student Handouts for Unit 12

    • Lesson 1: Being a Disciple

    • Lesson 2: Being a Disciple-Maker

    • Lesson 3: The Gospel

    • Lesson 4: Review of Entire BeTRANSFORMED Course

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    Testimonies to Share with Your Group

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    • Kirby Johnson Testimony

    • Bethany Roseberry Testimony

    • Daphne Duncan Testimony

    • Steve Barnett Testimony

    • CJ McMurry Testimony

    • Ryan Arrington Testimony

Pricing Options

499 day access (Renewal is $125)

What's Included

  • A Leader's Guide - Video & Manual (.pdf download)

  • 2 curriculum guides with Advanced Assignments for Going Deeper to enhance the study

  • Online access to 66 pre-recorded video lessons (over 15 hours of teaching!)

  • Downloadable student handouts for every single lesson

  • 15 months of weekly curriculum which enables you to build long-term relationships

What You Need:

  • Your Bible

  • Small group leaders to help you lead the discussion times

  • Internet access to play the videos for your group

  • Ability to print the student handouts for each lesson

Optional Materials

Although not required, these resources will help you and your participants go deeper

Books by Mark Shaw

These pair beautifully with Next Steps: Be TRANSFORMED

The Heart of Addiction Cross Talking Relapse Understanding Temptation

Meet the Instructor

DMin, Biblical Counseling, CADAC II, ACBC

Dr. Mark E. Shaw

Mark is a certified biblical counselor and Founder of The Addiction Connection. As an author, speaker, teacher of the Word, and certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor, Mark has been involved in helping people who struggle with addictions since 1991. He serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY. He and his wife, Mary, have 4 young adult children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I receive with this course?

    Instant online access to 66 video teachings from Dr. Mark Shaw split into 12 major units. Each unit contains a collection of themed lessons. You also receive digital downloads for all 66 student handouts that match the video lessons. Within the handouts are individual and group discussion questions, required readings, suggested resources to go deeper, and special projects to learn and grow in Christlikeness.

  • Are the videos "live", or can my participants work at their own pace?

    This is a pre-recorded course meant to be studied in a group setting, whether with a Trusted Christian Friend, ten people at a program, or fifty or more at your church. Program Leaders may decide the pace of this course, the number of group meetings per week, and the setup of the meetings.

  • Does 499 days allow enough time to get through every lesson?

    Yes. Completion of one lesson per week will give you more than five additional weeks for holiday breaks. We recommend you do it this way. However, some intensive studies will complete more than one lesson per week, such as a residential or prison ministry.

  • What does it cost to renew my access after it expires in 499 days?

    When your access to this curriculum expires, please email with your first and last name, and we will send you a coupon to renew for $125. This renewal will last you another 499 days (about 16 months).

  • Are there any required textbooks for participants?

    The Bible is the only required text for this course. Additionally, we recommend that you purchase copies of "The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective", "Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies", and "Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel for Transforming Addicts", and booklet "Understanding Temptation" - all written by Mark E. Shaw. These additional resources will help participants go deeper in this study and apply it to their lives. Bulk discounts of these books can be found through

  • I've already read "The Heart of Addiction" and other books by Mark Shaw; Is this the same content?

    Not at all. This is brand new content released to the public for the first time in August 2020. Dr. Shaw teaches using the acronym "Be T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.E.D."

The Local Church Now Has a Biblical Resource for Addicts

And you can be a part of it.

The local church is the community God has ordained to help the addicted. The Bible is an often neglected resource that offers hope and help for the addicted. Using this biblical group study, Next Steps: Be TRANSFORMED, churches and ministries offer an outreach and a disciple-making curriculum to the hurting that agrees with God's unchanging Word.