What's Included

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    The Addiction Connection Leadership Summit

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    2021 Sessions

    • 2021 Schedule

    • History of The Addiction Connection

    • Justin Lakemacher's "Enthusiasm in Addiction Ministry"

    • Women's Residential Program Panel featuring Darcy Pearson, Janie Baugh, and Bella Lieske

    • Tim Brown's "Help, I've Lost My Enthusiasm for Addiction Ministry!"

    • CABC's in 2021 - Recognition and Testimonies

    • Josh Brunk's "Enthusiasm for International Ministry"

    • Dr. Bill Hines' "Enthusiasm and the End Times"

    • Men's Residential Program Panel featuring Jeff Hand, Brandon Bower, and Jim Quigley

    • Kevin Morgan's "Enthusiasm in Music and Ministry to the Homeless"

    • Dr. Mark E. Shaw's "Be An Enthusiastic Leader"

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    2021 Testimonies

    • Jacob Conrad's Testimony of God's Faithfulness in his life

    • Joshua Killets' Testimony: "Now I Help Others"

    • Greg Kirk's Testimony Expressed in a Song

    • Trey Best's Testimony: "The Power of Reconciliation Thanks to a Transformed Life"

    • A Poem about the Cost of Salvation

    • Chris Joyner's Testimony: "God's Humbling of Me is Good"

    • Derrick Parrish's Testimony: "The Saint-Hedron" (clever play on words)

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    2020 Sessions

    • How I Use Diagrams - Brad Bigney

    • Men's Residential Program - Discussion Panel - Ben Funkhouser, Jim Quigley, Kevin Hurley

    • How Can I Help When I'm Broken? Dr. Howard Eyrich

    • First-Time Summit Attendees - What is TAC? Dr. Bill Hines & Shirley Crowder

    • Unmasking Addiction - Dr. Jim Berg

    • How to Help Pastors & Church Get It - Dr. Bill Hines

    • The Importance of Addiction Ministries - Dr. Mark Shaw

    • Women's Q&A Panel Discussion - Julie Ganschow, Daphne Duncan, Bethany Roseberry

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    Bonus! From Dr. Mark E. Shaw

What people are saying about TAC Summit

Through the Gate

Women's Residential Program in Indiana

This year’s The Addiction Connection conference was a wonderful experience! Thank you to Dr. Mark Shaw, his dedicated family, and everyone who put in the work to pull off another encouraging year for the counselors, servants, and ministries striving to bring the hope of the gospel to the heart of addiction. The over arching message of cultivating enthusiasm in the trenches served as a boost in perseverance to us all. By the Grace of God, we will not grow weary of doing good! To see His hope and deliverance spreading by the growth of these summits reminds us that the battle is His, not ours! We are but letters from God, sent out to bring peace and reconciliation through Christ. Our new House Manager and graduate, Caroline, was also commissioned as an Addictions Counselor through TAC! We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the work that the Lord continues to do in transforming her life. All the glory and honor to Him forever! ❤️❤️❤️

Justin Lakemacher

CABC; Program Director at Redemption House

I had a great time this weekend at The Addiction Connection’s annual leadership summit. Thank you Mark Shaw and crew for all the work that goes into this event. If you have a heart for Biblical counseling and addiction, go get commissioned with TAC!

Bethany Roseberry


So many thoughts going through my head after a weekend at The Summit hosted by The Addiction Connection. So many great talks by folks spending their lives dedicated to drawing people from darkness to light. So many great connections made with other transformed addicts. It was truly an encouragement to hear the stories of God's redemption in the lives of people like me who were once lost in addiction, but have been made free by the power of Jesus! Working in addiction ministry can feel so heavy, but to be reminded of God's call to reach the lost and the least, and to see the people who are evidence of life change from the gospel is truly encouraging. Thank you Mark Shaw and team for being committed to encouraging and connecting people to the hope of the gospel for the heart of addiction! "So if the Son sets your free, you will be free indeed." -John 8:36

Jim Quigley

CABC; Executive Director of Freedom Farm in Boone, NC

The Summit is the one time each year I get to hang with 'my people'—the special brothers and sisters called to the front lines of addiction ministry—who believe the biblical model is the answer.

Let's Stay "Connected"

(see what we did there?)

The Addiction Connection is a network of ministries who offer hope and healing for those struggling with addiction of any kind. Our network of biblical programs and ministries that stretch across America and the world exists to point people to Jesus Christ for answers. Members of our team are available for direction and wisdom for any of your addiction-related questions and needs.