This is a video format of an event that took place November 12-14, 2020 in Florence, KY. 

Although this is not quite like being in-person, we hope these session videos and handouts are an encouragement to you as you continue to work alongside hurting souls. 

Course curriculum

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    All Summit Sessions

    • How I Use Diagrams - Brad Bigney

    • Men's Residential Program - Discussion Panel - Ben Funkhouser, Jim Quigley, Kevin Hurley

    • How Can I Help When I'm Broken? Dr. Howard Eyrich

    • First-Time Summit Attendees - What is TAC? Dr. Bill Hines & Shirley Crowder

    • Unmasking Addiction - Dr. Jim Berg

    • How to Help Pastors/Church Get It - Dr. Bill Hines

    • The Importance of Addiction Ministries - Dr. Mark Shaw

    • Women's Q&A Panel Discussion - Julie Ganschow, Daphne Duncan, Bethany Roseberry

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    Bonus - Dr. Mark E. Shaw

    • Practical Outworking of Holy Spirit in Addiction Counseling - Video

What people are saying about TAC Summit

Jim Quigley

Executive Director of Freedom Farm in Boone, NC

"The Summit is the one time each year I get to hang with 'my people'—the special brothers and sisters called to the front lines of addiction ministry—who believe the biblical model is the answer."