This is a video format of an event that took place November 12-14, 2020 in Florence, KY. 

Although this is not quite like being in-person, we hope these session videos and handouts are an encouragement to you as you continue to work alongside hurting souls. 

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to The Addiction Connection Leadership Summit!

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    All Summit Sessions

    • How I Use Diagrams - Brad Bigney

    • Men's Residential Program - Discussion Panel - Ben Funkhouser, Jim Quigley, Kevin Hurley

    • How Can I Help When I'm Broken? Dr. Howard Eyrich

    • First-Time Summit Attendees - What is TAC? Dr. Bill Hines & Shirley Crowder

    • Unmasking Addiction - Dr. Jim Berg

    • How to Help Pastors & Church Get It - Dr. Bill Hines

    • The Importance of Addiction Ministries - Dr. Mark Shaw

    • Women's Q&A Panel Discussion - Julie Ganschow, Daphne Duncan, Bethany Roseberry

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    Bonus! From Dr. Mark E. Shaw

    • Practical Outworking of Holy Spirit in Addiction Counseling - Video

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It's Time for the Church to Get Involved

The Addiction Connection Leadership Summit 2021

What people are saying about TAC Summit

Jim Quigley

Executive Director of Freedom Farm in Boone, NC

"The Summit is the one time each year I get to hang with 'my people'—the special brothers and sisters called to the front lines of addiction ministry—who believe the biblical model is the answer."